We're working with PDSA

We often receive requests from people asking for financial help with veterinary bills. Cats Protection cannot do this. In this instance the PDSA was set up to provide care for your pet whether you are in receipt of benefits or on a low income. The PDSA, even though they are based in Gillingham, cover the whole of our area.

They have a 'Low Cost' solution to caring for your pet who needs it. Often the fee of taking your animal to see one of their vets will be substantially reduced, in line with your circumstances. Help is at hand for you and your pet.

When you need help, often they can provide expertise not normally found in a mainstream veterinary practise. Cats are examined in a room especially for them where dogs are not seen, as not to distress them.

We will be working alongside the PDSA in the greater interest of helping all cats in our area. More information will be provided very soon on the work of the PDSA hospital. However, unlike Cats Protection they do not re-home animals, or as in our case cats. Please contact with our rehoming centre at Bredhurst if you need to give up your cat.

For more information about PDSA and their services please visit; https://www.pdsa.org.uk/