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At Cats Protection we welcome volunteers with open arms, no matter how much time you can give, there’s a place for you with us!

We help around 200,000 cats and kittens a year. The majority of these success stories are thanks to the dedication of over 10,000 volunteers across the UK.

Everything we do is designed to create and maintain a safe, positive and inclusive environment for everyone. Cats Protection is committed to safeguarding children, adults at risk and all those that we come into contact with as part of our activities.

Search for a volunteer role

There are a whole wealth of benefits to Cats Protection volunteer work. Watch our video to discover all the skills and advantages that come with applying to be a Cats Protection volunteer.

Find an opportunity

Finding a role at one of our branches or centres really is as easy as just entering your postcode!

Check out our Find an opportunity tool to discover how your skills can help the lives of cats and kittens in your area.

Volunteer now
Don't think about it, just go ahead and do it! You get such a special feeling from helping cats find their way into new homes and you get to make lots of new friends along the way too.

Julie - Branch Fundraising Events Organiser

Why volunteer?

Feel good

'I volunteer as a kitten fosterer for Bridgend Cats Protection, because I find it so rewarding after receiving a litter of tiny sickly kittens, who look as if they have no chance of survival, to return them to the centre all fit and healthy and ready to go to their new homes. Who needs to be paid to get that kind of feeling!  I certainly don't.’ Sue - Adoption Centre Fosterer

Happy endings

‘It is fab to be part of a team who create so many happy endings.' Julia - Branch Secretary

To help the cats

'I enjoy getting to know all of the cats that arrive at the centre, whether I meet them once or every week for 3 months. I love being able to build trust with them individually as it allows me to see all of their unique personalities. When I am at the centre, or even just talking about the cats to my family and friends, I feel special and needed.'
Phoebe - Desensitisation Volunteer

Using my time to do something worthwhile

'When I changed my job I found I had a lot more spare time. Being used to being busy I needed something to do that was worthwhile and supported something close to my heart. I found the volunteer treasurer role on the CP website and applied online. I was contacted back really quickly and haven’t looked back. Everyone, from other volunteers to staff are so friendly and welcoming. It’s like a big national family where everyone is valued and supported as well as being lots of fun!' - James - Treasurer


‘I thoroughly enjoy seeing a group from diverse backgrounds working together to achieve a common goal. I also greatly admire the volunteers that sacrifice their time to make a change.’Claire - Community Education Officer

Each day brings its own memorable event. One day that springs to mind was being given the privilege of bottle-feeding some two-week-old kittens.

John - Adoption Centre DIY volunteer

Where to volunteer?

Charity shops, branches, adoption centres or even education groups, Cats Protection has the locations to suit you as well as the roles.

The level of commitment is astounding and there's a sense of belonging that comes from having mutual aims and goals. The funny thing is that a lot of volunteers insist that they like cats more than people, yet when you get them together they're brilliant company.

Jeanette - Branch Publicity volunteer

Ways to volunteer

Find an opportunity - Use our 'Find an Opportunity' system to look for volunteering roles near you.

Lady on phone with laptop
Contact Centre volunteering

Our volunteers are the voices behind our National Information Line, Paws to Listen grief support service and Facebook page.

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