The opening of our new shop in Castle Street, Carlisle was delayed due to COVID-19 but is now fully open and accepting donations.

For information about volunteering in the shop please contact them directly or via their facebook page.

Make Christmas Magical

08 December 2020

Deep down, there’s a little part in all of us that wants to believe there’s something magic about Christmas. And, in a household where a loved cat has gone missing, having them returned as if by magic is everyone’s Christmas wish. So this Christmas, we’re asking you to help restore the magic of a full house, and prevent the heartache caused by lost cats all year round. Any donation you can make will help reunite cats like Casper, whose microchip revealed loving owners ...

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

26 March 2020

Can cats catch coronavirus (COVID-19)? What can I do if I have to self-isolate? We’ve put together answers to some of the more common questions about coronavirus here. Can my cat catch the new coronavirus (COVID-19)? There is no current evidence to suggest that cats can become unwell or spread the COVID-19 virus between themselves or back to people. Can I get coronavirus (COVID-19) from my cat or anyone else’s cat? There is currently no evidence that cats can spread COVID-19 to ...

Taking your cat/kitten to the Vet

26 August 2013

Article describing about taking your cat/kitten to the vets. 28 The Cat Spring 2011 A day in the life of a cat behaviour counsellor If only the visit to the vet didn’t go something like this... the day arrives. If you are clever enough to have thought ahead and blocked all exit points to the house – and that secret hole under the floorboards in the airing cupboard – you may have a sporting chance of getting your cat into the basket. You don the elbow-length ...