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£5000 raised from Lucy's Zambia Trip

07 September 2023
Lucy recently completed her trip to Zambia managing to raise about £5000, so very well done to her.
It seems to have been an enjoyable experience, apart from being attacked by a hippo!!!!!!!  They were canoeing down the Zambezi when a hippo swam right up to her canoe & rose up, opening its mouth right beside her leg!!!!!!!  Luckily the guide managed to scare it off & it dived under the canoe & swam away.  Not my idea of a relaxing holiday, but didn't seem to faze Lucy.

Her next challenge is a fundraiser to Sumatra in November, & she has already raised the funds needed. Although she has not yet done the next challenge, she has signed up to go to Madagascar, next year & has already started fundraising.