Colne Valley Happy Endings

We love a happy ending here at Colne Valley Cats Protection, and we think you will too! Here is a selection of our past residents who have now found loving, happy homes to spend their lives in. 


"Well I adopted Fifi beginning of April this year after losing my last cat to ill health. When I met her at foster home she greeted me with a nose rub so I thought good start as it is high level of affection from a cat. The night I brought her home, she had a go at my legs. The next two weeks she continued to attack me on the legs,head and hang on my arm and bite until she drew blood. Remember the programme psycho pussie on channel4? That was her. After much patience and my cat intuition I think I won the war with her 16 stanley knives (claws). Now 12 weeks later she sleeps on me, takes dreamies from my fingers,lets me brush her occasionally and even lets me look in her ears as I check for ear mites. She did have a bit of dry skin in one ear of which has rubbed of and has been creamed so is much better.I occasionally pick her up but for short periods of time. She was unapproachable when she first lived here. For the first 8 weeks all I got was growling,hissing,spitting and terror. I was determined not to give up on her as I have an intense love for cats. Simple things like a prescription paper bag and long pieces of ribbon amuse her and the numerous cat toys. Her new trick is dissapearing in the bath with the ribbon under the door. Quite often she will sit chatting away at me in cat chat. When she gets irritable with things though she groans like an old man and literally grumbles."- Denise, Fifi's Mum


"Luna (or Hollie as she used to be called) had a rough time living on the streets of Colchester. I saw her photo and instantly fell in love with her! She is such a loving cat and particularly loves my teenage son who makes it his daily duty to feed and fuss her. It took 6 weeks before Luna was able to feel secure enough to sit on my lap and let us love her, but now she's a happy, contented and sweet natured cat with unending amounts of love to give. Adopting Luna and seeing her blossom and grow also inspired me to join Colne Valley Cats Protection as a volunteer, as without the dedication and support that the branch volunteers give, there simply wouldn't have been a happy ending for Luna or the hundreds of other cats that Colne Valley helps every year."- Tara, Luna's Mum  


"Miskas (formerly known as Gemma) had a tough start before being adopted. She had been through a lot in her short little life and because of this she was a traumatised cat, wanting desperately to be loved but not sure how to react to people. We could see that through her fear, she just wanted a stable home where she could blossom. Well, after lots of love, care and attention Miskas is truly one of the family. She loves a fuss and even sleeps happily in our bed! It's a pleasure and a privilege to share our lives with her" - Ana, Miskas' Mum


"Lily is now a happy, healthy girl who is an absolute joy! When I adopted her I knew she had a very troubled past. Lily was pushed from pillar to post, never knowing a stable home in her short life. She had gone from home to home and had been returned to Colne Valley Cats Protection twice in a row due to her tempermental behaviour, but underneath it all she was simply a frightened little girl who needed to know that she mattered. Her foster mum Cindy worked very hard with Lily for over 6 months to prepare her for a new home. When I heard Lily's story and saw her beautiful face I fell in love with her at first sight! Now I would be lost without her, she enriches my life every single day. There's no doubt that Lily rules our home and I wouldn't want it any other way" - Wendy, Lily's Mum 


Little Mungo came into care as a tiny kitten with his siblings Midge and Marley. They found homes first so Mungo was left alone...until he found his forever home with a very loving owner! Here he is, relaxing and taking it easy. 


Sweet girl Nyah was found straying by a lovely gentleman who took care of her while we desperately searched for her owner. Even though no owner ever came forward there was very happy ending for this little one as she ended up staying with her finder, who continues to heap love and care on his special little cat! Here she is, snug as a bug and snoozing happily.