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The importance of microchipping: Gucci Reunited!

21 August 2017
The importance of microchipping: Gucci Reunited! We love a success story here at Colne Valley and we are lucky to witness many cats successfully finding new homes, but one of our other roles is to be a presence in the community for reuniting lost and found cats with their owners.
Beautiful Gucci was found living rough in a family summerhouse in Black Notley. The family informed us and very kindly took him in while we tried to locate his owner. We were able to discover through scanning the cat's microchip that his name was Gucci and he was registered to an address in Wolverhampton. Through the tenacity and patience of our Branch Coordinator and our Lost and Found Officer, together with colleagues from Wolverhampton Branch who contacted neighbours in the former area where Gucci and his owner lived, we were able to reunite Gucci with his relieved owner, who is still residing not far from where Gucci was found.
If you own a cat, microchipping is an integral part of responsible cat ownership. But what is crucially important to a successful reunion is keeping the details on the chip current and up to date. So if you move house or change your phone number, remember to contact the microchip provider to inform them of any changes. If you have lost the microchip certificate your vet should be able to give you details of the manufacturer and which database the cat's chip should be registered to. A safety collar with up to date ID can also be used in conjunction with a microchip.
We are thrilled that Gucci and his owner have been reunited and wish them all the best.