Cat Pairs

Two cats in a hat-boxWe are making this special appeal to those people wishing to adopt a rescue cat to seriously consider rehoming a pair. Quite often we are contacted by people who wish us to rehome two cats and in these circumstances we would never consider splitting the cats up as almost always they have been soulmates their whole lives and it just would not be fair or humane to do this.

You may think that surely two cats would mean double the expense, double the work etc. - but this is not always the case. Often you will find that two cats who have lived together all their lives are happy to share a litter tray, of course if there are two cats sharing a tray you would need to change it more often but most garden centres or cash and carry stores sell 30 litre bags of litter, cheaper in the long run than the smaller ones from the supermarkets. Cat food manufacturers have started to make double pouches of cat food in jelly or gravy specifically with pairs of cats in mind so your cats would always have a fresh tasty meal without you having to try to keep tins fresh in the fridge or having to feed your cats the same flavour two meals running.

We often find that after someone adopts a rescue cat from Cats Protection, they will contact us a few months later asking us for a companion cat. This is not always easy to accommodate as a lot of the cats we rehome can only be rehomed on their own and even cats who will live with another cat do need a lot of patience when introducing them to each other. Some have lived in multi-cat households all their lives and yet will still only tolerate each other. If you take a pair that have always been together you would never need to worry about them being friends or having to introduce them gradually over a period of time.

We often have pairs of cats available for adoption - all beautiful, all of them different but all needing your help. They find themselves unwanted through no fault of their own and we would ask you if you are thinking of rehoming a rescue cat to please consider a pair - if you can find room in your home and heart for one - why not two?