Lost black and white Cat

Ann, who is one of most hardworking volunteers has lost her lovely black and white cat, Lucy.  She has been missing since yesterday morning (5 July) from Meadowside in Blo Norton.  Lucy has to have regular medication and has occasional fits and may appear drowsy without her medication.  Please search in your sheds, garages or cars for her.  She normally doesn't sray far from home, so Ann is extremely worried about her.  If you find her would you please either ring Ann direct on 01953 681092, or phone our help line on 01842 810018

Sad news, Lucy has now been found, but tragically she had been hit by a car and was taken to the vets who had to put her to sleep as her injuries were so severe. The vets then scanned her and got in touch with Ann.  It seems that somebody had been feeding her in their garden for several weeks, thinking she was a male cat belonging to a neighbour.  She was only about a mile from her home.  The moral of this is that if you are feeding what appears to be a stray cat, please take them to a vet to be scanned for a microchip, or contact us or any other rescue centre who all have scanners.  It doesn't cost anything and if this had been done before there would have been a very different outcome for Lucy.