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Face Book link Breckland Cats Protection is made up entirely of volunteers, some helping occasionally and others helping every day. None of these volunteers get paid and all money donated to us goes towards the care of the cats/kittens, vet bills, food bills etc.  We are always looking for new volunteers, we are especially short of men who can lift and carry to help set up our fundraising days.  This is only for 2 or 3 hours once every 4-6 weeks.  During 2017 we re-homed 45 cats and 109 kittens. . We neutered 510 adult cats in our care, feral cats and people who required assistance with the cost. Some of these ferals were originally abandoned pets who had not been neutered/micro chipped and had kittens. We still have 11 cats in our care mostly older ones who desperately require loving homes, older cats are such good companions. PLEASE IF YOU TAKE ON A CAT OR KITTEN MAKE SURE IT IS NEUTERED OR HAVE IT NEUTERED/SPAYED STRAIGHT AWAY ALSO MICRO CHIPPED. It is a tough life for a feral, owners think their cat will revert to wild and look after themselves if abandoned but the majority lead unhealthy, miserable, short lives and pine for their owners. The average life span for a feral is 5 years as compared to 15-20 years for domestic cats.During 2017 we have reunited owners with their micro chipped cats, some of which had been missing for months.  This goes to show the importance of micro chipping, sadly some people are not updating their details when they move and there have been some cats we have not been able to reunite.

Two thirds of the cats we take in are unwanted kittens during the year.  These were found in boxes in the woods, under hedges, in machinery in workshops, in a children's play park or from  pregnant mums taken into our care.  The majority of these have been black or black and white and we love them but a lot of people overlook them in favour of tabbies or gingers.  If you can offer a safe, loving home to any of our cats/kittens please ring us on 01953 681092 Thank you