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Be a fosterer...

12 May 2014
Be a fosterer...
With more fosterers, we can help more cats. This is a very rewarding and committed role - would you consider doing it for needy cats and kittens in our area?
It involves devoting a room or outside pen (which we would provide in suitable circumstances) to the care of a cat/s or a mum and kittens.
They would stay with you until being homed or a space becomes free in our shelter, depending on the situation.
We pay for food, litter and vet care, you give lots of TLC! You would need to drive to take cats to the vet and be willing to have potential owners come to visit the cat/s.
This can be very satisfying as you introduce your foster cats to the person or couple or family who will give them a new start in a loving home.
To have a chat about becoming a fosterer, please call Jacqui on 07796 856296 or Jan on 07772 679854.
If you prefer to email, please contact our co-ordinator Clare on cacheeseright@yahoo.co.uk
Or click here to download this Cats Protection leaflet with plenty of information to read.
Thank you.