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Spay or snip your cat for FREE

11 March 2018
DO you live in the Eltham, Sidcup or other nearby area and have a cat which has not been snipped or spayed?
We can give you a neutering voucher to pay the cost. Just pop into our shop (at 14 Tudor Parade, Well Hall Road, Eltham, SE9 6SX) or inbox us on our Facebook page.
You can also click on Contact Us at the top right of the page to sent us your details.
In the Comment box, tell us each cat's name, age and if it is male or female.
Once you have a voucher, all you need to do is make an appointment with the vet and give them our voucher to pay the bill.
If you go to our designated vet - Passey Place Vet Surgery at 24 Passey Place, just off Eltham High Street - we can also pay for your cat/s to be micro-chipped.
Cats can start breeding at just four months so please don't delay! If your cat is older, then it is never too late.
Neutered male and female cats lead happier and healthier lives so send us the form today and give yourself peace of mind over your pet.

TO find out more, please see your vet or read on here or download this free Cats Protection leaflet
WHEN? From the age of four to six months is ideal for both males and females as this is when they can become sexually active. But if your cat is older, then it's never too late - please just get it done ASAP.

 Neutered cats live longer and healthier lives. Males are less likely to roam, fight and mark their territory with urine (spraying). This will cut the risk of them being run over or getting hurt in fights.

For females, the obvious benefit is no unwanted pregnancies. It is a myth that it is beneficial for a female to have a litter or season before spaying. They will also not call and wail during their sexual cycle and will be less likely to catch diseases spread by bites and reproductive activity.

THE OPERATION: Your cat will need an anaesthetic but the procedure is very simple. You will usually be able to drop off your pet and pick him or her up on the same day. Females will have a small shaved area but the fur will grow back in a couple of weeks. They will also have stitches which will either dissolve or need to be taken out by the vet around ten days later. Cats usually recover very quickly. Your vet will be able to advise you on your individual cat.

COST: This depends on your vet but the average for a male is £20 to £40. For a female, the average is £40 to £60.