Lost and Found

If you have lost or found a cat call - 
0345 260 1253
(Please note this is a telephone answering service on behalf of Cats Protection and a volunteer will call you back)  


Is your cat missing?

If your cat or kitten has gone missing, don't despair.  Most return of their own accord, sometimes several days later. However, here are some steps you can take to try and help.
Remember, the sooner you start looking and reporting your cat as lost the sooner you are likely to find them.

Look in...
  • All rooms
  • Cupboards
  • Boxes
  • Household appliances, e.g washing machines.
  • Sheds and garages.
  • Vehicles - cats sometimes climb under the warm engine bay.
  • Gardens
  • Hedgerows - watch for snares.
  • Lost and found section of your local newspaper
  • Walk around the area and call your cat , waiting and listening.


  • Neighbours
  • Local veterinary surgeons. If your cat is microchipped then mention this when reporting to the vet
  • To find a list of vets near you www.any-uk-vet.co.uk.
  • Local schools - children are observant as regards animals
  • Local RSPCA
  • The cleansing department of your local council
  • Your postman and milkman
  • Websites such as my moggy.com / pet search uk / Lost Pets UK 
  • Click on this link to Pet Detective and type in ‘Lost Cat’
  • Newspaper delivery person
  • Phone 0345 260 1253 to find out if your cat has been reported as straying. For more information on Cat search and what they do see page 2 of our feature page.


  • Posters on trees, distribute leaflets to shops, Post Office, garages.
  • Local schools, newspapers, radio
  • Local notice boards, including a recent photograph of your missing cat
  • Offer a reward - It can be helpful to offer a small reward but it is important not to specify any particular sum of money on the poster. The words “Reward Offered” are enough to focus attention


  • The earlier you report your cat is missing, the more likely is that it will be found
  • When your cat does return, DO inform any organisations who have been asked to look for it

Have you found a cat?

  • If the cat is hungry, please feed it, and make water available, not cows milk (many cats and kittens are lactose intolerant)
  • If the cat or kitten will let you approach him, make up a paper collar with a note on saying: "If this is your cat please call this number....." so that you can ascertain whether the cat is definitely stray. Place it round the cat's neck and secure the two ends with a small piece of selotape (don't put selotape right round the whole thing as that can be dangerous if the cat gets caught up anywhere). Please click here to print out your own collar
  • If no-one calls in 24 hours you can be fairly sure it is most likely lost or stray, then proceed as follows...
  • Contact 0345 260 1253
  • If possible, take the cat to a vet who will check for a microchip, and you can ask if anyone has reported a similar cat missing
  • Post notices around your area with a brief description of the cat and information about when and where it was found. Local shops will usually display such notices free of charge. 
  • Ask neighbours if they have seen or been feeding the cat and if they know of anyone who has moved away recently or gone on holiday and left their cats at home(cats sometimes stray when they are being fed by a temporary carer)
  • Most stray cats will be looking for food and shelter. Always feed a stray and, if possible, provide a dry place for it to shelter from the weather whilst you are actively trying to find the owner

If you suspect that the cat is injured in any way or unwell or possibly pregnant then contact the nearest branch of cats Protection for further help and advice.

Doing these things is often very successful in reuniting a cat with its owners and it is important that these procedures are carried out before Cats Protection takes the cat in for rehoming.

Once we take in a cat, we must keep it for at least 14 days before we can rehome it.

Useful numbers - 

Cats Protection Branches can also be contacted at: 
Tenterden 01797 366379
Canterbury 01227 686191

Other cat sancturys:
Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary 01303 862243
Lord Whiskey 01303 862622