Success Stories

The following is a quotation from a lovely couple that recently adopted one of our older ladies. If you are looking for a new cat, then please read this before discounting any of the older cats in our care.

“We have just adopted a cat through Fraserburgh Cats Protection. We were looking for a female indoor cat and took a shine to a tabby called Taffy. She is an 8 year old with the most beautiful face, a fondness for licking noses and the most gorgeous fluffy tummy.
We can honestly say we really did not give much thought to her being an older cat only to the extent that we thought she would be past the playing stage but this is far from the case. She loves sprinting down the hall between rooms and playing with all her new toys!The good thing about Taffy being older was that her foster carer was able to tell us l
Taffy before she was rehomedots about her so we really knew what sort of a cat we were getting. We were told she was a friendly, affectionate cat who was very clean and always used her litter tray. Therefore, we knew exactly what to expect from her and the only unexpected surprises where good ones.
Adopting an older cat with Taffy’s history has been really rewarding. We are just so happy to be able to give her a loving, settled home and let her lead the life she should always have had. She has grown in her affection towards us over the weeks and it has been so satisfying to see how relaxed she has become. We have fallen in love with our “little girl” and we were so right not to overlook her because of her age.”

The following is another success story from one of our volunteers who adopted a semi feral little kitten called Toot

" We adopted Toot in November 2009 when she was 3 months old.
She was found in a scrap yard and her mother was feral, her brothers and sisters were all semi feral and terrified of humans. She had never been socialised and was so timid that when we first took her home she spent most of her time hiding under the sofa and behind the TV.
Over time with lots of gentle encouragement Toots began to come out of her shell.
We are now 5 years on and she has become an incredibly friendly cat, far from the wild wee kitten who hid under the sofa. She is a country cat and an amazing mouser, keeping our old farmhouse population under control!
Toots is very vocal and loves to bring us presents, sometimes still livin
g. She has become one of the family."

Another success story following a difficult start for a semi feral wee kitten aptly named Gremlin

In the summer of this year, 2014, my co-ordinator appeared with 2 kittens which she had nicknamed Spitz and Spatz because of the way they hissed and spat at every opportunity.  They were both pretty feral, never been socialised and they were scared stiff of everything.  I re-named them Merlin (black) and Gremlin (ginger). They spent the first part of their lives in care in a cage in my kitchen, I could only handle them with a pair of heavy suede gloves so I didn’t get scratched and bitten. Determinedly I handled them several times a day, stroked and cuddled them no matter how much they spat and hissed and after a few weeks really started to get Merlin quiet and relaxed, no more hissing and spitting, to the point of being to re-home him as a pet and he settled into his new home wonderfully.  Now to the subject of our story, our Gremlin, unlike Merlin he did not relax in the same way but most of the time I could handle him without the biting and scratching, I even got to put the gloves away.  I spent so much time with him and he had so much character I just adored him. I had fostered many kittens for Cats Protection but had never felt that I hadn’t wanted to part with one before. I had made up my mind and completed a foster form for him and introduced him into the rest of the cat family. He adored the freedom running around the house, adored wrapping and sleeping with the rest of the cats, he played with a lot of toys, settled in most ways, stopped spitting but still hissed when you came to close to him.  He started coming to me, would curl on the sofa next to me and stopped hissing when I stroked him or picked him up, however he still hissed and occasionally spat at my husband.  Time patience and a lot of tlc and a couple of months later he is just part of our cat family and is loving and very loved by all.

This story is a heartwarming account of a kitten who was suffering from cat flu when she was adopted and has gone from being gravely ill to a wonderful part of the family

We adopted Deedee in October 2010 when she was only 10 weeks old.  She was one of the kittens that came from a feral colony from a farm in the Kinnmonth area. Deedee was very ill when we got her, she was still suffering from kitten flu, very thin, underweight and just a little wild, she was quite quick with her teeth and claws but with time and lots of tlc she has become a lovely and loving cat.  She is so friendly gives kisses and will sit on your knee all day given the chance. She has settled in fine with my other cats and is a great addition to my family with one exception is she is not keen on any strange people coming into my house, she is tends to scratch them if they try to clap her, but apart from that, she loves to play with toys and adores exploring the garden.  Deedee is mainly a house cat but in the summer she likes going out in garden in the sunshine.

This is a story about a lovely cat called Lily who was timid and terrified of humans when she was first rehomed

I recently lost my cat and I swore that there wouldn't be another, but while looking through the Fraserburgh CP website, I came across a photo of a little lady called Venus (now Lily) and something about her face just made me want to give her a forever loving home.
I was told that when she first arrived with CP she had been rescued by the SSPCA from a locked barn with 26 other cats, where it had been a struggle for survival. Suffering from malnutrition and dramatically underweight, coat a complete mess, she had even stopped grooming herself with no pride in her appearance anymore. She came in from the rescue with her two children, she was about 18th months, her kittens were a year old, so she had given birth when she was no more than a kitten herself.
Once home checked, I went to meet her and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made to take her home. She was still skinny and a bit scruffy if I am honest, but none of these things affected the lovely nature of this little girl from shining through. She is so loving and trusting despite her past and is a sheer joy to share my house with. She has a lot to thank the CP for, helping her on the road to a better life. There was a week between meeting her and picking her up and in that week there was a big difference in how she looked. As you can see she is coming on well and she loves to be pampered. The way she is now, it feels like she has always been with me.