Sponsor a Pen

Sponsorship of Cats Protection Fraserburgh Pens

Sponsorship of our pens will help us to continue to rescue our beautiful cats and kittens, providin
g them with a warm and comfortable environment until we can find them forever loving homes.

We have named our pens "Maggie's Moggies" in memory of Maggie Graham, who worked tirelessly for many years on behalf of the Cats Protection in Fraserburgh before she sadly passe
d on.

You can now sponsor one of our pens (or more than one if you like). We have 9 in total to choose from in our new rehoming centre (pictured).

To sponsor one of our pens will cost you £40.00 each per year.

What you get for your £40.00:
>A certificate so that you can let everyone know that you are supporting us.
>A monthly update of which cat(s) are resident in your pen, with photographs and news of your cat(s).
>A quarterly newsletter from Cats Protection Fraserburgh keeping you up to date with what we are doing locally.
>An annual Cats Protection calendar or a kitten calendar if you would prefer. Just let us know which one you would like when you send us your sponsorship form.

What a smashing gift for the cat lover amongst your family and friends!

Ways to pay:

Cash & sponsorship form direct to any Fraserburgh Cats Protection representative
Cheque & sponsorship form direct to any Fraserburgh Cats Protection representative
or complete our direct debit form and send it to your bank/building society, and sponsorship form to any Fraserburgh Cats Protection representative.

You can email the forms to:
anice.maclean@hotmail.co.uk along with your preferred payment method.

If you would prefer to post them, please email Janice Maclean, or phone kira on 07470184170 for a postal address.

If you have any queries, please just get in touch through the above contact methods or on our Facebook page.