Old Lost & Found register

If you have lost your cat, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know the full details so we can check our database of found cats and also assign you a unique reference number. Leave information about your cat i.e. colour, age and when it was last seen. Also leave your contact details so we can contact you if we find him/her or if someone reports a found cat.
Please also remember to always check the national lost & found pet register at http://www.animalsearchuk.co.uk , which is a free service where you can upload details of the lost/found cat.

If your cat has gone wandering, there are a few things that you, yourself can do to hopefully speed up the process of his return:

1. Check your home thoroughly, check all round the garden, check inside all outbuildings, sheds, garages and behind any bushes.

2. Make up a poster containing a picture of your cat. Place in all local shop windows etc to advertise and make people aware that he is missing. Check with all your neighbours to see if they have seen him.

3. If he is in unfamiliar territory, it may mean he is disorientated and can't find his way home. Try scattering some cat litter from his tray into the garden, cat urine has a very powerful smell and can travel a long way and he may smell it!! Also try hanging one of his blankets on your washing line( don't wash it first though), again a cat can smell its own scent from long distances.

4. Approach your local radio station, they will read out an appeal for you. To register your appeal with our local station contact http://www.wavesfm.com/ .

5. Your local paper will print a 'lost' advert for you, but they will probably charge a fee to do this.

6. If your cat is insured, check your policy, a lot of companies has a clause to cover you if your pet goes missing.

Finally, if you fear the worst, the councils cleansing department are responsible for collecting road traffic victims etc. They can be contacted on 07626904181.

Lastly if your furry friend returns on his own accord from his wandering, please let us know so we care remove him from the 'lost' list.


If you find a cat, firstly check with all neighbours etc to see if it belongs to them, or if they know where it has come from. If this is unsuccessful then contact us. We will do our very best to assist, but we may not always be able to pick up a cat straight away. Our foster homes are at full capacity quite a lot of the time, but we will assist and foster lost/stray cats as soon as we possibly can.