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Fosterers urgently needed

04 February 2020

Could you foster a cat for us?

We urgently need people in the local area to foster cats and kittens, whilst permanent homes are found.
These are the postcode areas that we cover BA3, BA2 0, BA2 8, BS39 5, BS39 6 & BS39 7

We have a huge waiting list at the moment; some of these cats are living outside as they are either lost or abandoned, we need to get them in as soon as possible.

Quick Fostering Facts:

  • You don't have to give your whole house over to your temporary visitors, although some do; you can just use one room.
  • It doesn't matter if you have your own cats, as long as they can be kept separate.
  • It doesn't matter if you work, as long as you have some spare time to devote to the cats.
  • Indoor fostering is ideal for those who want the company but not the long term commitment. Or for those that can't afford a cat of their own.
  • Indoor fostering is brilliant if you want to find the perfect cat, whether you fall in love with your first foster cat or your sixth, it all helps get cats off the waiting list, and of course when the perfect cat comes along you simply decide to adopt rather than foster.
  • All cats will have been vet checked and treated for fleas/worms before being put into an indoor foster home.
  • If you have space in your garden, perhaps you would consider having a purpose built pen.
  • We have an information pack that we can send out, please email us on enquiries@midsomer.cats.org.uk

You would be given help and support from the branch and all expenses including food, litter and medical costs are covered by us. The only cost to you is your time and love.

Click here to apply
Click here to view a You Tube video about indoor fostering