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Sponsor a pen

07 January 2023
Sponsor a pen

Help the Southend District Branch by Sponsoring a pen

Over the course of a year, a Cats Protection pen can be a temporary home for a succession of needy cats and kittens. By becoming a sponsor, you will know that you have helped these cats and kittens to have a secure place to rest and recover from their traumas before being re-homed. It's easy to become a sponsor for currently as little as £1.38 per week you will see their pictures, hear their stories and keep you informed of the help you are providing.

Here’s what you get:

  • a special sponsorship welcome pack including a postcard of the current cat in your pen, a folder to store all your cat postcards in, personalised certificate, window sticker and much more
  • three postal newsletters a year updating you on all things Cats Protection Sponsorship, including a postcard of the current cat in your sponsor pen
  • regular email updates about how your pen resident is getting on, when they find a new home and new arrivals to your pen (if you opt in to receiving these)
  • an online portal to see your latest pen resident, and all the cats you’ve already helped

Remember this money comes to the Southend District Branch.

To become a Sponsor click here.