Found a cat guidance

You can report a cat to us as found so that we can try reuniting it with their owners.

However, please also see the following list of things to do:

  • Does it look thin or starving? If so, give it some food.
  • Phone the Southend Cats Protection Lost & Found Officer
  • Contact the local vets who maintain lost & found registers.
  • If practical to do so, take it to the vet and ask them to scan for a microchip.
  • Does it look ill? Call the RSPCA or take it to the local vet. Explain that it's not your cat.
  • If it looks healthy and is not very thin - do not feed it – it will probably go home.
  • If it hangs around, you can put a collar on it with a note on.
  • That way, you can provide your contact details and ask anyone reading the note to confirm with you that the cat is actually theirs. If the note deteriorates over time, then changes are the cat is indeed lost.
  • If you live near the railway line, ask at the nearest stations.
  • Many cats go off exploring and most can find their way home again.
  • Do not find a cat before it is lost.

 All information supplied via this form will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and will be used solely for purpose of raising awareness of your lost cat, including publishing your cat's details to our website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed.