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Feels Like Home - 2022 Christmas Appeal

14 November 2022

It’s what we all look forward to over winter. 

Being surrounded by people who love us. 

Feeling warm. Feeling safe – physically and emotionally. 

But this winter, the cost-of-living crisis is leaving more cats than ever in need of a new home, with many owners no longer able to care for them. 

As Cats Protection’s waiting list grows, so does the need to provide warm, cosy homes for cats with us. 

So they can move from their owner’s loving home, or come in out of the cold and have everything they need. 

And though their new home with us will hopefully be temporary, they must feel at home too. 

That’s where you come in. Helping to fill a cat’s new pen with the blankets, bedding and baskets every cat home needs. 

To make sure it’s a place that brings comfort, relaxation and happiness. To make sure it feels like home

To help Swindon Cats Protection provide places that feels like home please visit our JustGiving page. 

Read more about Cats Protection's Christmas Appeal here, where you can also take part in a quiz to guess some of the most common names of the cats on the waiting list to come into our care.