Cats and Fireworks

Cat peeping out from under blanket

How do we best protect our cats from the noises and flashes of Bonfire Night's fireworks?

Here's the current guidance from Cats Protection to help you, covering

  • 5 ways to help your cat stay calm during fireworks season

  • Are cats afraid of fireworks?

  • How can I tell if my cat is stressed by fireworks?

  • Should I keep my cat inside during fireworks season?

  • What else can I do to keep my cat calm during fireworks season?

  • Make sure your cat’s microchip details are up to date

  • Stay home with your cat on Bonfire Night

  • Create a safe space for your cat

  • Avoid keeping your cat in one room

  • Consider closing the curtains to keep things cosy

  • ......... And lots more