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Adopt a cat

Please call 03452 602 397 to discuss adopting a cat

Adopting a cat

To view the cats that we have for adoption, please scroll down this page.

The following hints might help you with your choice

Offering a cat a new home is always a big decision, especially as many cats now live into their late teens and early twenties! A cat is for life and should be seen as a long-term commitment. Each cat or kitten has its own personality and needs, and they make wonderful companions and very rewarding pets.

To learn more about how our Adoption Process works, please click here 
Before going to a new home, every cat in our care is:
- Fully health-checked by a vet.
- Treated for fleas and worms.
- Vaccinated.
- Microchipped.
- Neutered.
- Homed with 4 weeks free pet insurance.

The average cost of looking after a cat in our care can reach well over £180, and that doesn't include any essential veterinary treatment. Cats Protection branches have to raise funds from donations, fundraising, legacies and of course through their branch shops.
For this reason, we now ask for an adoption fee of £70 for a kitten or cat.  Of course any additional donations are gratefully received!

Cats will be homed taking careful note of the new environment and matching it to the temperament of each individual.