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Welcome to Cats Protection Taunton & Minehead Branch

We’re here to support cats and kittens in the Taunton, Wellington & Minehead area, covering these postcodes:-

TAUNTON team TA1 TA2 TA3 TA21 : 03452 602 397

MINEHEAD team TA4 TA5 TA22 TA23 TA24 : 01643 653 053

Run by a small team of dedicated, cat-loving volunteers, we’re passionate about improving the lives of cats and kittens in Taunton, Wellington & Minehead areas, working to find loving new homes for local cats in our care, offering support with neutering, and lost and found cats, as well as general education and awareness within the Taunton, Wellington & Minehead area. You can find out more about the work of Cats Protection here.

Cat adoption in Taunton & Minehead

To view the cats that we have for adoption, please scroll down this page.

Offering a cat a new home is always a big decision, especially as many cats now live into their late teens and early twenties! A cat is for life and should be seen as a long-term commitment. Each cat or kitten has its own personality and needs, and they make wonderful companions and very rewarding pets.

Before going to a new home, every cat in our care is:-
- Fully health-checked by a vet.
- Treated for fleas and worms.
- Vaccinated.
- Microchipped.
- Neutered.
- Homed with 4 weeks free pet insurance.

The average cost of looking after a cat in our care can reach well over £180, and that doesn't include any essential veterinary treatment. Cats Protection branches have to raise funds from donations, fundraising, legacies. 

For this reason, we now ask for an adoption fee of £85 for a cat and £105 for a kitten.  Of course any additional donations are gratefully received!

Cats will be homed taking careful note of the new environment and matching it to the temperament of each individual.


Support Cats Protection Taunton & Minehead Branch

None of our vital work would be possible without you. There are many ways you can be there for cats and kittens in Taunton & Minehead.

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Fundraising events for cats in Taunton & Minehead

Want to fundraise for cats in Taunton & Minehead by taking part in one of our events? From summer fêtes to epic sporting challenges, we’d love to see you at one of our fundraising events soon. You can also check out the national Cats Protection events calendar here.

Sorry, there are currently no events available at the moment.

Volunteer at Cats Protection Taunton & Minehead Branch

Without volunteers, Cats Protection Taunton & Minehead Branch simply wouldn't exist. Our amazing, friendly volunteers are a diverse group with a shared love of cats who fit volunteering around their home lives and personal commitments.

We're often looking to welcome new volunteers to join our brilliant team. As well as meeting great people and making an incredible difference to the cats of Taunton & Minehead.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist us in the following areas:

1.  Fostering.  Fostering cats and kittens is a key role for our volunteers.  Cats come in to us from a wide number of different situations.  A cat may be with us for a very short period, or for longer depending on the circumstances, until a new permanent home can be identified for them.  Cats must be kept apart from any other cats in the volunteer's home.  This is to uphold quarantine measures and ensure the health of all animals. 

Outdoor Foster Pens - Fostering cats in outdoor pens in your own garden.  Pens are supplied and installed along with all resources required (food, litter etc).  The pens are roomy and provide the cat/s with space for sleeping, feeding and playing.  All training is provided.

Indoor Fostering - This involves setting a room aside within your home for the cat/s.  Again all resources are provided as is training.  

2.  Cat Care Volunteers.  These volunteers work on a rota in the Taunton/Wellington area at the Branch Multi Pen Site.  This involves looking after all aspects of cleaning and feeding.  Training is provided but Volunteers will need their own transport.

3.  Support Volunteers.  Individuals who can assist with a variety of tasks such as helping at coffee mornings, sales and publicity/fundraising events.



Lost and found cats in Taunton & Minehead

Have you lost or found a cat in Taunton, Wellington & Minehead area ? To report a lost cat, or if you have found a cat you believe to be a stray or lost in the Taunton & Minehead area, please call us on 03452 602 397. Please be ready to leave details of the cat(s) concerned, together with microchip number if applicable. If your cat is found or returns home please let us know in order that we can keep our records up to date.

Remember to check local Facebook and Social Media sites for lost or found pets; also contact your local vets and let them know.

Five things to help find your lost cat

  1. Shake a box of their favourite biscuits to entice them home.
  2. If your cat has a favourite toy, try leaving it in your garden.
  3. Cats have a strong sense of smell - leave out a regular blanket or bedding to encourage your cat out of hiding.
  4. You might find your moggy is more active at night, especially during hotter weather. Go out with a friend or family member when it is dark to call for your cat by name.
  5. Leave a bowl of water out and some food. A tasty treat such as tuna might be enough to bring your cat home.

How do I get my cat to come home?

If putting out the word about your missing cat hasn’t worked, there are some great tips and tricks to try at home. Cats are heavily reliant on scent and leaving out items that may entice them back to you is well worth an attempt. Things to try include the following:

  • Leave your cat’s favourite toy or some of their unwashed bedding in the garden
  • Leave an unwashed item of your clothing, which will have your scent on it
  • Place any used litter from your cat’s litter tray outside, or perhaps the contents of your hoover for a smell of home
  • Call out for your cat in the garden early in the morning or late at night, when everywhere is likely to be quieter
  • Shake a box of their favourite biscuits or treats
  • Keep calling your cat, leaving enough time for them to hear you and be led home.

Missing cat poster

Missing cat posters can be a great way to get the word out to your local community about your furry friend. Remember not everyone has the internet so you might reach more people with a few posters in your area.

Your poster should include:

  • a recent photo of your cat so your neighbours will recognise them
  • information about where they like to hide (sheds, greenhouses, garages, in boxes etc)
  • whether to approach them (if you have a skittish cat, just ask neighbours to let you know if they spot them)
  • any features they might have that are recognisable (such as colouring or unique patches)
  • your contact information so if anyone sees your cat they can get in touch
  • Deliver to neighbours, display locally, take copies to local vets.

If you don’t have a printer at home, visit your local library as they might have printing facilities you can use, or ask a friend who may have one.

Click here for further guidance and help regarding lost cats.  Lost Cat Guide


Lost, found and feral cats

Lost Cats

Found Cats

Taunton & Minehead - Contact Details

Taunton and Minehead Branch provides help for cats and kittens in both of these towns as well as Wellington and the surrounding rural areas and villages.

Taunton Team

Minehead Team 

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