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Animal Road Accident Awareness Day

25 September 2023
Animal Road Accident Awareness Day

October 10th is Animal Road Accident Awareness Day


If you’ve run over a cat, please stop. Statistically only 25% of road traffic accidents involving cats are fatal, so the chances are good the cat can survive with urgent care - instead of being left to suffer a painful death. If the cat was lucky enough to survive the incident, there might be a need for basic first aid to get them stable before the journey to the vets.​ NOTE: VETS WILL NOT CHARGE YOU FOR BRINGING AN INJURED OR DECEASED ANIMAL TO THEM.

​Keep calm. The cat will be terrified and likely in pain so avoid any sudden movements and aim for slow, gentle body language. The best way to lift an injured cat is with one hand under the chin at the front of the chest, and the other supporting the hind quarters. If the cat is displaying signs of aggression, it may be better to use a blanket or equivalent to lift them. Once settled, you can contact your nearest vets and let them know you are on the way so they can prepare for your arrival.

REPORT IT. If the cat has no a collar ID, try knocking on doors in the immediate area. Chances are they live nearby. You can also take a deceased cat to the vets for microchip scanning and storage until the owner can be found. You are in no way financially obligated to pay for taking an injured or deceased animal to the vets. If out of hours, there are 24-hour vets operating UK wide  - search for “emergency vet”.

You can also use lost and found sites like Pets Reunited or ourselves, as well as social media to try and locate the owner. Many cats are reunited with their owners this way. Please do the right thing – a cat’s life may be in your hands.