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Homes for Ferals

13 August 2023
Homes for Ferals

Mousers looking for rural employment.

Could you offer a home for a feral cat or two? They’ll provide a chemical-free pest-control service – and we currently have many feral cats in need of relocating to suitable environment in which to live and work.

Colonies of feral cats often find themselves homeless, usually as a result of inner city and rural development. Most of them prefer the freedom of a working life and they can reduce rodent problems in farms, stables, warehouses, garden centres, golf clubs, smallholdings and even shops - in fact, anywhere where there’s room to roam and rodents to catch.

Owners must be prepared to provide their feline employees with food, water, shelter and veterinary care when needed, none of which will affect their desire to catch prey.

If you’d like to provide a home for a feral cat, please contact Kim on 07815 651413