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Fixing Felix

13 February 2024
Fixing Felix

Fabulous Felix needs your help!

This handsome chap came into our care before Christmas, and a routine vet check found his right eye was showing signs of glaucoma. While Felix was always sweet and gentle, he was spending all his time sleeping, and not wanting to explore, meaning he was likely to be in pain from his condition. Felix also has dental disease which needs treatment.

Felix has just had his eye removed and is already much happier, playing and exploring in his foster home. Between his eye operation and aftercare, and his dental treatment, Felix’s vets bill is likely to cost our branch close to £1500. We are a volunteer run branch who receive no government funding and rely on kind donations. If you are able to spare any money to help us pay for Felix’s care, we really appreciate every donation no matter how small or large.

 Felix has a Just Giving page set up at: https://www.justgiving.com/page/fixingfelix?