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Last Minute Pressie

16 December 2019
Last Minute Pressie Still looking for a gift for a cat lover?

The gift of a year's Cat Pen Sponsorship could be the answer. Throughout the recipent's time as a Cats Protection Sponsor, NCC will keep them posted with regular newsletters and new photos of the cat in their pen and will update them by email with stories, videos and photos on all the sponsorship news. All cats within any sponsorship scheme (local or national) are still actively seeking adoption – so when a sponsor cat is adopted, the supporter is notified of the good news and sent details of the new cat in their pen. In addition, supporters have access to a sponsorship portal, where they can make a profile, see the cats and post pictures.

Visit our Support Us page for details

Or to get started, just choose the cat and pen you'd like to sponsor from the gallery here: - www.cats.org.uk/teigntorbr

(please use this link to sign up and Teignbridge and Torbay branch will receive 100% of your sponsorship).