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Microchipping Legislation

12 May 2021
Microchipping Legislation

The microchipping of cats looks set to become mandatory as part of the government plans outlined in the 2021 Queen's Speech.

But meanwhile, June is National Microchipping Month so we're still encouraging cat owners to go ahead now because
around 90% of the cats that come into Cats Protection's care are not microchipped.

Microchipping can be carried out by a vet or trained individual and involves a small data chip being inserted under the cat's skin between the shoulder blades. The details are then stored on a national database and can be accessed by scanning the animal with a special device. Most vets and rescue centres will routinely scan all lost cats and can use the information to quickly reunite the missing cat with their owner.

It is important however, that owners keep records on the national database up to date – if they move home or change phone number.