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Patience Rewarded - an Adopter's Tale

15 June 2020
Patience Rewarded - an Adopter

When I first met Bono in the Cats Protection foster home I wasn't sure about him as he just did not want to interact with me: he hissed and spat at me and kept hiding away. 

But overtime of visiting the foster home and the wonderful work his fosterers did looking after Bono, he began to respond to me. I was able to stroke, tummy tickle and even hold a paw and of course I was getting the "kisses" closing of the eyes towards me which was lovely, but I still had a long way to go when I took him home.

My greyhound was used to living with a cat, but none of us knew whether Bono could even live with a dog. Bono came home and had a whole bedroom to himself, but again decided that he was going to hide and in many places: he managed to open and close wardrobes, even hid under the mattress of the bed spitting and hissing all the time, and cried a lot. I thought the best plan of action was not to force him to do anything he did not want to do and persevere. Slowly he came out of hiding and started to move around the house, investigating and getting used to the greyhound (who took no notice of him).

After over three months of having him he's a different cat, loves the garden and his favourite pastime is sitting on the chair (see photo). He's a real character, jumps in the bath to tell me he wants a drink from the running tap, climbed up on my roof via a nearby tree and figured out how to get down again. He's still a bit nervous, but will let me brush and stroke him and purrs all the time even when has eating! I don't think he'll ever be a lap cat but that's OK, he's happy. The only complaint I have is the small objects he decides to bring in through the cat flap that sometimes are not always in one piece!