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Warm up your heart this winter

11 November 2019
Warm up your heart this winter

Warm up your heart this winter - give an unwanted cat a home.

Cats Protection's Teignbridge & Torbay branch is urging local people to consider adopting one of the cats in our care, as one of the best and warmest ways to ward off the winter blues!

Christmas can be a hectic time for many, with presents to wrap or family feasts to prepare, while for others it can magnify loneliness.

A recent survey carried out by Cats Protection found nine out of ten cat owners believe that owning a cat has a positive effect on their mental wellbeing, while 98.7% of respondents said their cat helped to alleviate loneliness. Cats are also recognised for their winning blend of affection and independence – they won’t be pawing at the door to go for a walk on a cold frosty night.