Meet the Team

Frances Morton

I started to volunteer for Cats Protection in Coventry when I was 17 years old, working in the local CP charity shop & feeding ferals at the Cathedral. I moved on to do home visits & fostering cats while they waited for that special home. Now here in Cumbria, I’m very proud to say that the small group of people have here put West Cumbria Cats Protection well and truly back on the map. I’m 54 years old now and it only seems like yesterday since I joined Cats Protection. It’s so lovely to be part of a collective-minded group of people.

Jean Beverley

I became a volunteer for the West Cumbria Branch of Cats Protection in August 2011 after taking early retirement from teaching to look after my first grandchild. Having always had cats of my own I felt that volunteering for this charity would give me the opportunity to help cats not as fortunate as my own - unwanted cats and kittens, abandoned, injured or feral in need of help and protection.

I have a double cat pen in my garden and to date 167 cats/kittens have passed through some staying longer than others but this says a lot about the good work done by our small branch.

As well as fostering I also have the title of volunteer secretary for the branch. Other areas I am involved with include carrying out home visits, delivering cats/ kittens to their new homes, taking cats/ kittens to the vets for treatments, organising fundraising events such as coffee mornings and table top sales etc.

During my time with CP I have reunited lost cats with their owners, watched kittens being born in my pen, trapped feral cats and kittens some of which have then been able to be homed. I have met lots of different people, been involved in a variety of events and become part of a team which works hard to promote the importance of cat welfare.

Linda Lock

Hi my name's Linda and I'm the treasurer of the west cumbrian branch of Cats Protection. I came on board about 8 years ago and never looked back, I started by giving up an unused box room and turned it into a kitten nursery, I foster in the home, the hardest part of fostering is letting the kittens go to a new forever home but it's also very rewarding although I do tend to stalk the new owners for a few days. I also help when I can with fund raising and home visits, over the years I've fostered over 80 cats and kittens and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

Sallyanne McPherson

I have been a volunteer for over 8 years now fulfilling various roles. I began as a regular participant in fundraising events and progressed to become a long term fosterer. I adopted an OAP cat called 'Cookie' for 3 years under the care of Cats Protection due to his various health conditions and need to remain indoors. I cared for Cookie as my own up until he had to be euthanised at the age of 23. The oldest cat we have had within Cats Protection!

I currently help with fundraising events and general volunteer duties. I have also recently accepted the position of Educational co-ordinator, which entails visiting schools and teaching students about Cats Protection and the general care of Domestic felines. This is an area I have experience in already so I look forward to doing more in the future!

Danny Morton

I've been a junior volunteer for Cats Protection for over 10 years. In my early days, I was responsible for helping out the senior team with fundraising and home visits. Nowadays, I'm responsible for helping out our IT team with the website and with general IT support.

Dealing with six cats at home on it's own is amazing, and helping find homes for cats that come through to the cat pens is highly rewarding. I have my own personal ball of laziness that is Josh the cat (see above!). I tell everyone that I adopted him, but in reality he adopted me!