Tinker & Marnie

27 April 2019

Tinker & Marnie are still looking for their special homes , they are both beautiful cats who deserve a special home where they will be looked after and cared for :) MARNIE.....Came from a very poor environment. Was initially very scared of people but has improved a lot. TINKER......An older lady who manages to get by with just 3 legs. She also needs her kidney function managed which CP will fund for the remainder of her life. If you would like to adopt either Tinker or Marnie or want more ...

Which are better moggies or pedigrees ?

25 September 2018

Which are better - moggies or pedigrees? Selectively breeding to maintain recognised purebreds often comes at a cost to the cat. Sadly many inherited health problems are seen in purebred cats as a result of trying to fix a trait or typical breed characteristic. Some purebreds are more inbred than others and may therefore be at greater risk of inheriting diseases, such as polycystic kidney disease seen in Persians. For certain purebreds an inherited disorder ...