Cat found by chace hotel

08 February 2018

Public announcement: Cat found near Chace Hotel bus stop Inkerman terrace I am very sad to have to post this but it is important for those it may affect. A cat was reported dead on the side of the road near the bus stop by Chace Hotel Whitehaven. As I volunteer for cats protection and live nearby I wanted to deal with the situation appropriately to prevent distress to other people. When I arrived the cat was clearly in full rigor Mortis. I contacted the branch co ordinator and the local our of ...

Volunteers wanted

09 January 2018

UPDATE - VOLUNTEERS WANTEDWest Cumbria Cats Protection were contacted recently by a lady whose daughter suddenly became ill and hospital bound. She needed temporary care for her daughter's cat and luckily we had a free room with one of our dedicated volunteers. We are pleased to let you know that the lady will soon be reuinited with her lovely cat and it has been a pleasure to have been able to help.Currently we are a very small group of volunteers, and this sort of help is something that we ...