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Want to find out what your feline friend is telling you?

21 August 2016
Want to find out what your feline friend is telling you? Understanding why your cat behaves the way it does is key to looking after your feline friend. Cats are often misunderstood and it can be confusing to owners when cats try to communicate their needs.

The new cat behaviour section on the website aims to educate owners on feline behaviour. You’ll learn more about your cat’s needs and how to maximise their welfare, ensuring a happy pet as well as a happy owner.

Discover more about cat communication and bust any myths about what your feline friend is trying to tell you - from deciphering body language to a guide on how to speak cat. There is also a section on cat interactions, focussing on how cats socialise with others as well as advice on what to do if all is not harmonious in your home.

Got a cat with a behavioural issue? Our behaviour problems section explains how to deal with issues like inappropriate play, nervousness or spraying. If you’re completely confused about your cat’s strange behaviour, you can take a look at our frequently asked questions on ‘why does my cat? Here you’ll find explanations behind your feline friend’s unusual behaviour.

Click here to visit the behaviour section on the website.