If your cat disappears

If your cat disappears....

Register them online with Animal Search UK through this link or call them on 01432 761 406 - this is a free service: www.animalsearchuk.co.uk/report-a-missing-pet.php
Click here to email our lost and found officer for practical advice, or to add a cat our local register.

Look in:
  • all rooms, cupboards, boxes and drawers in your home, shed and garages 
  • ask your neighbours to check their homes and outbuildings too
  • any household appliances which a cat could fit into – e.g. washing machine, tumble drier, microwave
  • vehicles, gardens and hedgerows (watch for snares)
  • the lost and found section of your local newspaper
  • your local community noticeboards - e.g. library, newsagent, supermarket
  • your neighbours, your postman and milkman, your newspaper delivery person
  • the police and the cleansing department of your local council
  • local veterinary surgeries and local schools (children are very observant of animals)
  • your local community noticeboards - e.g. library, newsagent, supermarket
  • your local CP branch (for Wolverhampton see our contact us page)
  • your local RSPCA – 0300 1234 999 or www.rspca.org.uk
  • your local PDSA – 0800 731 2502 or www.pdsa.org.uk
  • your local Blue Cross – 01993 822 651 or www.bluecross.org.uk
  • Petsearch UK – 0121 704 4377
  • Pets Bureau – www.petsbureau.co.uk
  • The UK Missing Pets register – www.nationalpetregister.org
  • posters on trees
  • distribute leatflets to shops
  • post offices and garages
  • local schools
  • newspapers and radio
  • local noticeboards (include a recent photo)
  • the earlier you report your cat as missing, the more likely it is that he will be found; 
  • when your cat does return, inform any authorities looking for him;  
  • consider having your cat microchipped.
  • Check your pet insurance policy to see if support is available for leafleting the area or offering a reward.