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Cat loving men get the girls

13 March 2014
Cat loving men get the girls Men who want to improve their chances with the ladies should consider palling up with a feline friend to help attract a partner, according to a new survey out today.

Leading feline welfare charity Cats Protection found that women think cat-loving men possess many qualities they find attractive when looking for love.

The research, which was carried out for Valentine’s Day, found that six in 10 women across the UK think men who own cats are more caring, making them more appealing as a partner.

And far from being seen as wimpy, cat ownership appears to be a manly quality as just 27% of women think cat-owning men are soppy.

Star of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder is not short of female admirers and the photograph Ian has donated to Cats Protection to celebrate Valentine’s Day perhaps shows why – the cute image of him cuddling his cat Moke definitely shows his caring side!

"Sharing a special bond with a cat or any animal is experiencing unconditional love in its purest form,” he said. “Animals don't get hung up on insignificant, meaningless, day-to-day stuff that really doesn't amount to anything in the end. I learn so much about the capacity to fully open my heart to love, forgiveness and compassion through the relationships I have with my pets. You can never give or receive too much love - and animals help us remember that every single day."

Another TV hunk, BBC Newsround presenter, Ricky Boleto, agrees with the findings, commenting: “If you're short of a date this Valentine's... consider getting a cat. Apart from their many good qualities, the research shows that cats can make a man more attractive to women. Just ask my fiancée - whenever she sees me chilling with Bella the cat, she wants to curl up next to me! Bella brings out my soft and loving side. It works every time!”

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Cats Protection has a hotlist of blogs featuring hunks and cats: http://hotguyswithcats.com/ - real men and their cats
http://deshommesetdeschatons.tumblr.com/  - cats striking model poses
http://hotguyswithkittens.tumblr.com/ - as it says hot guys and kittens

The research also found that:
• Nearly half of women think having a cat enhances human relationships and that men who own cats are kinder and more loving
• Among both men and women, the middle-aged (45-54 year olds) are more likely to see the benefits of cat ownership in a relationship with 50% believing a cat in the house improves relationships

Men (or women) wishing to adopt a cat can visit the charity’s website at www.cats.org.uk or call the charity’s helpline on 03000 12 12 12 to find out more.

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For more information, including a photo of Ian Somerhalder and his cat Moke, please contact Cats Protection’s Media Office on media.office@cats.org.uk or 01825 741 911

Notes to Editors:
1. Research carried out by Atomik Research on behalf of Cats Protection January 2014. Sample size 2015 UK respondents.
2. Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity and helps 218,000 cats and kittens each year through a national network of 257 volunteer-run branches and 30 adoption centres.
3. Cats Protection’s vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.
4. Cats Protection’s registered charity number is 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland). Founded as the Cats Protection League in 1927, the charity adopted the name Cats Protection in 1998. We ask that you use the name Cats Protection when referring to the charity in all published material.
5. More information about the work of Cats Protection can be found at www.cats.org.uk  
6. Image of Ian Somerhalder and Moke to be credited ‘courtesy of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation’
7. Founded by actor/activist Ian Somerhalder, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) is a 501 (c)(3) public charity that aims to educate, empower and collaborate with people and projects that positively impact the planet and its creatures. We are a team of individuals who view the environment as an interconnected organism of which we are not separate but a part. Therefore, we believe that our solutions to issues of sustainability and survivability must be enacted in an interconnected manner. For more information, visit www.isfoundation.com