Neutering is a safe, painless way of controlling the cat population. It also helps reduce your household costs as caring for a mother and her kittens is very expensive. Neutering is a surgical procedure carried out under anaesthetic. In a male cat, both testes are removed from small incisions made in the scrotum. In females, the uterus and ovaries are removed via an incision either on the left side or underneath.


The benefits to neutering are massive:

  • Financial - neutered cats cost less to feed and are less likely to get sick or injured, saving you money
  • Social - there are too many unwanted cats in the UK; we don't need any more.  Neutering also reduces a cat's likelihood to roam, fight, spray or otherwise cause a nuisance
  • Health - neutered cats are generally healthier

As the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, we are involved in numerous neutering programmes, working with partner charities, local authorities and individuals to spread the word.