Oscar - a cat who landed on his feet

I have had a variety of names this week from Pogo and Donut to Rolo and Ringo, but I have finally been given the name Oscar.Oscar in his new home

I moved from the Cats Protection shelter to my new home last week. I had to leave my brothers but I don’t appear to be at all bothered by that. I have a lovely new home where I have a new big sister and an even BIGGER brother. My sister is a right misery, she is a four year old cat who just grumbles at me. I don’t take any notice of her but I do like to finish off her dinner when she is not looking. I have been here a week now and the grumbling is getting less. My new brother is a five year old Golden Retriever, I get on fine with him, we don’t fall out at all but he knows that I’m in charge.

I must tell you about the exciting week I've had. I was picked up from CP last week and taken by car to my new home.  I purred all the way. My new Mum tried to confine me to one room so that I would get used to my new surroundings but I wasn’t having any of that, I needed to explore! It didn’t take me long to settle in, I’d say roughly about five minutes.

First I met the dog, I was a bit wary at first when he came to say hello but once I had puffed up my tail and arched my back (bet I looked really big) he backed off, we get on really well now. My next move was to sit on my Mum’s lap and purr. After a while my sister came home. Although Mum was told to introduce us slowly, that just was not an option, there was no way I was stopping in one room! My new sister made some fascinating noises, she did not attempt to hit me, but I just ignored her. She is still making noises at me, and I am still ignoring them, I think I am winning her round and I’m sure I will be able to bounce on her soon. Later that day the children came home from school, they looooooved me.

For the first few nights I slept alone but now I share with the dog. I have my own bed which I adore, mind you I also like the sofa, the beds and laps. I also have a litter tray which I never fail to use. I get breakfast, lunch and tea. I get lots of attention and cuddles and in return I give lots of love and purrs. My new family are very happy with me and I have settled in a treat.

They say that cats land on their feet, well I think I have.