Sponsor a Cat Cabin

You can help provide homeless cats and kittens with real and practical support by sponsoring a Cats Protection Cat Cabin.

Every year, we provide unwanted cats and kittens with a clean and safe place to stay, warm bedding, attentive carers, regular meals, medical attention, entertainment and much, much more. We care for cats in an environment built to meet their needs until a permanent new home can be found for them. Your support, via Direct Debit, will allow us to plan for the future and help extend our cat welfare work.
Becoming a Cat Cabin Sponsor
There are now two types of Cat Cabin Sponsorship to choose from with different benefits:

  • For 4 pounds per month you'll receive our twice-yearly Cat Cabin Newsletter containing the latest news from CP cat cabins around the UK
  • For 10 pounds per month you'll become an interactive cat cabin sponsor, receiving regular kit-e-mails (mini movies of cats in our cabins via email), the Cat Cabin Newsletter twice a year, plus an exclusive sticker, pen and trolley token.

Please note that due to Data Protection Regulations we cannot accept an email address for a gift recipient. This means that you cannot give an online Cat Cabin sponsorship as a gift. To give a Cat Cabin sponsorship as a gift please download the form to sponsor by post.