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Introducing the cuddliest cat!

28 June 2020
Introducing the cuddliest cat!
UPDATE! Spot - the cuddliest cat has now found his new home 🐾

We asked Spot's fosterers to tell us all about him. This is what they had to say:

Introducing the fantastic Spot. A distinguished gentleman, Spot (we call him Spot Man as it seems more appropriate!) charms everyone he meets with his purrs, head bumps, cuddles and funny little croaky meow.

Spot Man is a real people cat and loves to be around people. His favourite thing in the world is to settle down on your lap for a good long cuddle and makes a fantastic partner for an afternoon snooze.

Spot also loves to play, is full of energy and loves to chase and wrestle with his catnip toys. Spot likes to be involved with whatever is going on and will come and check out whatever it is you are up to. He is an excellent furry supervisor, even when we are just cleaning his litter tray!

Spot loves food almost as much as he loves people and quickly masters any interactive feeders. You’d never guess he has had 9 teeth out since coming into branch care.

Spot Man is almost deaf as a result of surgery on both ears so will require an indoor only home with no dogs. Spot also requires eye drops once a day which need to be administered by two people; one to cradle Spot and the other to put the drop in his eye. Spot purrs all the while you are giving him his drops and provides lots of head bumps. He immediately takes his place on top of his scratching post waiting for his treat as soon as the drops are finished.

Spot Man wited patiently during lockdown for his forever home and has now found the perfect family. Good luck Spot man!  Updates to follow.