Homer the Cat and Friend at recent eventCalling All Cat Lovers – Why Not Volunteer for Lichfield and Tamworth Cats Protection?

If you have thought about giving volunteering a go, and you are also an animal lover, then drop in to Turnpike Pub, Boley Park, Lichfield for our next monthly meeting to find out more about Lichfield and Tamworth Cats Protection. Meetings are always in the evening at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month - see our events page for full details of the next one.

Lichfield and Tamworth Cats Protection is one small, but important part of the national charity, made up of 250 branches, helping to rehome and care for 215,000 cats a year across the UK.

The branch is entirely made up of volunteers.  These include; Fosterers, who care for the cats and kittens in purpose-built pens in their gardens or in their own homes, Fundraisers, who all work together to help out at events, Homing Volunteers, who visit anyone in the local area genuinely wishing to adopt a cat, Helpline Volunteers, who give a couple of hours a week to answer the branch helpline, from the comfort of their own home, Publicity and many more exciting roles.

Lichfield and Tamworth Cats Protection is made up a great group of friendly, like-minded people, who meet once a month to plan events, as we do not have a 'centre' or base to work from. The branch is now looking to add to our numbers, so that we can help even more cats and kittens this year. If you are just looking to volunteer once, for one hour, or one day, or are interested in more regular volunteering, then come along to meet us, find out more, and chat to us about what interests you, when you can spare time, and how you feel you can help. We have volunteers of all ages, and there are people who work full-time, part-time and those who are retired, already involved.

The branch is particularly keen to meet people interested in fundraising, organising events, answering the helpline, carrying out homing visits, helping with tracing lost and found cats, answering emails, helping with finances, and helping with publicity.  Also, if you are interested in carrying out educational talks on what we do to schools and local groups, or if you fancy the exciting challenge of helping to set up our membership scheme for the branch, then we would love to meet you to hear your ideas.

We are also keen to hear from anyone from the Tamworth and Lichfield area, interested in volunteering for us, so that we can cover a wider area.

Volunteers interested in carrying out homing visits, in both the Tamworth and Lichfield areas, are particularly needed.

Just drop in to see us at our next meeting.  If you can’t make it to meet us, then contact us at enquiries@lichfield.cats.org.uk or call us on 0345 371 2741.  Alternatively, you can complete the online form below.

Look forward to meeting you!

Neutering Volunteer

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity and our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs. Cats are at the centre of everything we do and our objectives are: homing, neutering and educating people about cats and their care. We help thousands of cats across the UK each year thanks to our network of dedicated volunteers, staff and supporters.

Closing date: 17 Jun 2018
Lost and Found Cats Volunteer

Unfortunately our feline friends can occasionally stray or get lost, which can be extremely distressing for their owners. Our lost and found volunteers are passionate about reuniting lost cats and bringing families back together. They help cats and their owners by advertising lost cats and providing support, advice and guidance to people searching for their cats. 

Closing date: 17 Jun 2018
Cat Care Volunteer

Across Cats Protection our feline friends looking for new homes are cared for either at our adoption centres, by volunteer fosterers in their own homes or in purpose built pens in their gardens. Our cat care volunteers are part of a passionate team that look after and meet the needs of cats whilst they are in our care. This is an exciting role for cat lovers, as our cat care volunteers get to spend time directly with the cats when cleaning their pens, helping with feeding and when enriching their lives before they find their forever homes. 

Closing date: 17 Jun 2018
Vet Link Volunteer

Our vet link volunteers are the crucial link between local Cats Protection volunteer groups, teams and veterinary surgeries. They help build relationships, raise awareness of Cats Protection and promote our neutering schemes. This is a rewarding volunteer role as you will have a direct impact on helping cats in your local area by spreading the word about Cats Protection and how we help cats in need. 

Closing date: 17 Jun 2018
Volunteer fosterer

Across Cats Protection there are thousands of cats and kittens needing temporary homes until they find their forever families. Many of our feline friends are cared for by volunteer fosterers in their homes or in purpose built pens in their gardens. Most of our volunteer fosterers care for one or two cats at a time, which makes a huge difference and gives these cats a second chance at a happy life. They provide vital hands on care and accommodation to stray, abandoned or injured cats and are part of a dedicated team of volunteers committed to finding new homes for cats in need. 

Closing date: 17 Jun 2018
Administration Volunteer

Thousands of cats each year rely on the help of animal charities because they have been abandoned, they have strayed or because there has been a change in their owner’s circumstances. Becoming an administration volunteer is just one way you can help improve the lives of cats in your local community. Our administration volunteers help provide vital support to our volunteer groups and teams across Cats Protection. They help keep up to date records of the number of cats that have been rehomed, collate supporter details and send out newsletters. This could be the perfect volunteer role if you have administrative experience, a passion for cats, or both!

Closing date: 17 Jun 2018