Lost & Found Cats

Lichfield and Tamworth branch maintain a register of all lost and found cats reported to us. Please visit our Lost and Found Gallery and our dedicated Facebook page (Lichfield and Tamworth Cats Protection Lost & Found).

If your cat hasn't turned up, take a look at our tips and tricks to intensify your search:

  1. If your cat has a favourite toy, try leaving it in your garden.
  2. Cats have a strong sense of smell - leave out a regular blanket or bedding to entice your cat out of hiding.
  3. You might find your moggy is more active at night, especially during hotter weather. Go out with a friend or family member when it is dark to call for your cat by name
  4. Leave a bowl of water out and some food. A tasty treat such as tuna might be enough to bring your cat home

All is not lost
Not all cats are house cats - some are inclined to wander to where there is fuss or food.

If your return home greets you with nothing, you might be worried about your cat being missing. Don't panic; cats can disappear for days at a time and return with no trouble.

I've lost my cat. What can I do?
The first thing to do is to check your home and garden. Your cat might be hiding in the unlikeliest of places - from cupboards to sheds. Speak to your neighbours as well as any delivery people - they might have seen your cat somewhere.

Putting up flyers and advertising on social media are a few great ways to get the message out that your cat is missing.

Contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and Lichfield and Tamworth Branch on 0345 371 2741.

Microchipping your cat will make it much easier for your cat to be returned to you should it go missing. Any cats adopted from Lichfield and Tamworth branch will be microchipped.

Most cats are, by nature, inclined to roam the area surrounding their home. You're likely to come across a stray cat on your travels, although it might be tricky to find out whether it is a stray cat, a feral or is in fact an owned cat with a sense of adventure. So what should you do if you've found a cat?

Feral, stray or owned cat? 
Before you do anything, it is important to assess whether the cat you've found is a stray, a feral or an owned cat. If they appear well-groomed and is a healthy weight, they may have an owner nearby.

Ferals behave like wild animals and won't come close, even with encouragement. Stray cats might look lost and disorientated, but may be friendly if given time. Check out Helping Feral Cats page to help identify whether the cat is a feral or stray.

Keeping the cat safe 
If the found cat is friendly, you might be able to check for an identification tag - if it belongs to someone, give them a call and let them know. You can take the cat to your nearest vet to scan for a microchip, or call the Lichfield and Tamworth branch for help.

I’ve found kittens. What should I do?
If you find kittens, you should first check whether their mother is around. The mum may be frightened to return so if possible, leave the kittens where they are and observe the area to see if mum returns. 

Check in a few hours and if the mother has not returned, you should call your local vet or Cats Protection branch. Give them as much detail as possible about the environment the kittens are in and they should be able to advise you on the best thing to do in this situation.

Kittens are extremely vulnerable and need correct veterinary care. It is important that the kittens are handed to a genuine welfare organisation or your local vet to ensure they receive the care they need and are properly vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and socialised before being rehomed. Lichfield and Tamworth Cats Protection branch also vet any potential adopter and conduct homing visits to make sure we find the best possible home for our cats and kittens. 

Contact Lichfield and Tamworth Branch
If you have found a cat please contact us at the branch (03453712741 or enquiries@lichfield.cats.org.uk) and provide as many details about the cat as possible, including information about where it was found and of possible pictures of the cat. We can then advertise the cat you've found on our dedicated Facebook page and on the gallery on our website. Our dedicated Lost and found volunteers will contact you for permission to share images and for any further information. 

Please also advise whether the cat is being fed and whether the cat appears to be healthy. If the cat is in distress, please contact the RSPCA on 03001234999.

If the cat needs assistance, please let us know when you contact the branch. Our Welfare Team leader will be able to provide advice and guidance and in urgent cases we may be able to bring the cat into care. Please note however that we are a very small branch and spaces are limited. The Welfare Team Leader will discuss options with you.

We may be able to assist with neutering community or feral cats. However, cats must be advertised for a set period and all reasonable attempts made to find out if the cat is owned, before we can neuter.