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Why you should neuter your male cat

20 June 2020
Why you should neuter your male cat
Why you should neuter your male cat

Many people comment to us that an un-neutered male cat isn't a problem to them. However, neutering is not just about preventing unwanted litters of kittens.

Below are just a few reasons that you should consider neutering your male cat:
Spraying = nasty odour;
fighting = injuries / high vet bills;
cancer = high vet bills/poorly cat; 

We can help out with the cost of neutering your cat through the provision of neutering vocuhers.*

Here is a recent message we received from a lady who applied for one of our neutering vouchers:

"I would like to you say that you ladies do a fantastic job, I was so pleased with my voucher. It was easy to use and made things cheaper for me at an expensive time ( due to his vaccinations ) Lawrence is a few months post op, I've seen a change in his personality,  he is now more settled and content rather than being on high alert , yowling and looking for a mate.

Because he is neutered I worry less about him straying far from home and getting himself lost. My other male cat has also now accepted him more because he is no longer smelling like a complete Tom.

I am very grateful for everything that Cats Protection Lichfield do . I will always remember the help you gave when I needed it.  Thank you so much from Lawrence and Myself."

For information on neutering vouchers please contact us on neutering@lichfield.cats.org.uk or call our helpline on 03453712741.

* Terms and conditions apply.