Branch Lost and Found


Cats Protection and all rescue charities and vets encourage microchipping of all your pets.  This greatly increases the chance of being reunited with your pet, no matter how long has passed, and is the quickest way to contact an owner... especially if it is an emergency and your pet has been injured.  For the cost of a few pounds now; it will save valuable time as well as heartache for yourself and your pet.

Any welfare organisation and veterinary practice will always scan an animal for a microchip, if it can be approached where it has been reported or taken to a vet practice.  Unfortunately we do not have the space to lift and admit to care every single animal reported.  Microchipping not only reunites the animal immediately, it frees-up space of un-chipped animals coming into care and being held for 14 days before being able to rehome them to a new family.  Please Microchip your pet BEFORE it goes missing.

If your cat has gone wandering, there are a number of things you can do to help find them:

  • The first thing is to check your home thoroughly.  Cupboards, wardrobes, inside drawers, under the bed & the sofa, behind kitchen appliances, their usual hiding spots, and not so usual hiding spots - especially for newly arrived kittens that will hide in the tiniest of spaces.  Check your garden and outbuildings, including under bushes, inside, behind and under sheds, decking and garages.  Indoor cats that have escaped very rarely go far within the first 24 hours, but may be too scared to come out.. so a softly softly approach is recommended.
  • Create a poster with a picture advertising the fact that they are lost. Distribute posters through all your neighbours' doors (ask them to check their out-buildings) and put up on lamp-posts, walk around your area speaking to your neighbours.
  • If your cat is in unfamiliar territory and disorientated, it may help them find their way home if they can smell a familiar scent.  If they use a litter tray, scatter some used litter around the garden.  Cat urine has a very powerful scent and it will travel a long way.  Hang out on the washing line and up off of the ground something that smells of your cat and of you e.g. their bed/blanket, the sheets from your bed, your night clothes, dressing gown etc.  This scent will also carry in the air to hopefully reorientate your cat if it has become lost.
  • Sometimes a cat may be hiding in a shed etc. and may not come when you say their name, so you are unaware they are there.  If you have a digital camera, take random photos in the dark as the cat's eyes reflect with the flash and you will see them in the photos, or simply use a torch.
  • Please use a soft spoken tone when out looking for your cat so that it doesn't think it is being told off, and move slowly around your neighbourhood after dark and before sunrise to give it a chance to come out to you if it recognises its name or your voice.
  • Northsound Radio may read out an appeal for you, as may other local radio stations. To register your appeal, go to Northsound Radio website or phone 01224 337 000
  • Your local paper will print a Lost & Found advert for you (although they will probably charge for it).  To place your ad, go to the Press and Journal website or phone 01224 691 212
  • Many people are posting lost & found pets on social media - this requires you to constantly scan all the various pages everyday in case a picture appears there. (another reason for microchipping your cat before it is allowed out of the house)  Local FaceBook pages with a large active following include: Facebook missing pets (fubar news)  Facebook Groups (Lost/Found Aberdeenshire) and make sure to also post on the national site at Animal Search uk

Local animal charities that you can contact:

  • Scottish SPCA - 03000 999 999 (07:00 - 21:00 - Call Centre)
  • Cats Protection Aberdeen - (No Lost & Found Volunteers currently available) Recorded Message 07754 164 882
  • Mrs Murray's Cat & Dog Home:- 01224 483 624
  • Cat Action Trust - 01224 929392 - Voicemail
  • PDSA: 01224 632 042
  • Contact your vet and ALL other vets in your area - drop off posters for them to display too.
  • Contact Your Microchip Company so they can place a 'Missing' note on the system.  If your cat is scanned by a rescue charity or vet, the chip scanner/ database will alert them as being 'Missing'.

Finally, if you fear the worst, the Council's Cleansing Department is responsible for collecting any deceased animal road traffic victims.  To contact Aberdeen City Cleansing Department, telephone 03000 200 292. For Aberdeenshire Council, phone 03456 081 207.  The councils generally keep fairly good records of any animals they collect and will normally scan for microchips.


Found Cats (No volunteers available)

If any found animal is INJURED or it is a Welfare issue, Please IMMEDIATELY call the SSPCA 03000 999 999

Please check with ALL your near neighbours to see if the cat may belong to them and is simply new to the area.
If no one recognises the cat you can put on a paper collar for at least 3-4 days continuously with a contact number to see if an owner calls you. If no response from that, and you have access to a secure cat carrier, you can take the cat to your nearest vet and they will scan for a microchip. Paper Collar Template

Please Do Not Feed other people's cats as it simply encourages them to stray from home and not return regularly. They may also be on a restricted or special medicated diet. This is the most common enquiry / complaint received by us from cat owners.

If the cat is not microchipped, then contact either the SSPCA, Cats Protection, Cat Action Trust, Mrs Murrays Cat and Dog Home for further assistance and to see if there is space for the cat to be admitted.

Aberdeen Cats Protection covers the following areas:

  • Aberdeen City, North to Balmedie, Potterton, Newmachar, Hatton of Fintray, Blackburn, Kinellar
  • West to Dunecht, Echt, The Birks, Crathes, Drumoak
  • South Deeside Road - Ardoe, Blairs, Maryculter and out to Durris
  • South to Cove & Findon