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All of the tasks we undertake at Aberdeen Cats Protection are carried-out by unpaid volunteers; many of whom have full-time jobs and family commitments.  Our branch would not be able to function without our amazing team who all carry-out valuable work on behalf of the cats in our care.

All Cats Protection branches are self-funding, apart from a discretionary grant from Cat HQ each year.  We are responsible for raising funds that enable us to carry-out our role.  While we have many willing volunteers, we are always in need of more.  Although volunteering is unpaid, you have the enjoyment of working with the cats we have in our care and the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference to the welfare of cats as a whole.

At the moment we are in need of volunteers in the following areas:

Fosterers: We are always looking for new foster carers to cover unexpected arrivals.  You do not need to be available all the time as we understand you have a life too.  You can be available regularly, occasionally or be on our 'Last resort - No room at the inn' list!  It all makes a difference.
We are happy to supply food and litter for those who foster.  If you feel you can take in one of our cats on a temporary basis, please contact us at volunteering@aberdeen.cats.org.uk

Lost & Found: As the Aberdeen Branch covers a large area, we are looking for several volunteers to cover Lost & Found duties.
When a cat is reported as 'Found' we hope that it is microchipped as this speeds up the reuniting process greatly.  Initially, members of the public will be asked to check with their immediate neighbours to see if anyone recognises the cat.  If not, depending on the cat's location (and availability of a volunteer) we would want the cat scanned for a microchip.  If the finder can take it to a local vet (they perhaps have a cat of their own and have a cat basket) then that would be ideal.  If that is not possible, then a volunteer will attend to scan the cat (prepared with a cat transport basket).  When there is a microchip, we check the database registers, and if the details are up-to-date, we can call the owners immediately to report that we have their cat.  Hopefuly the owners can come to collect their cat, or if close-by, we can reunite them.  This is a very rewarding part of the role, as many times cats have been missing for long periods of time or jumped in a vehicle and travelled miles from home.  Given the growth of home shopping deliveries, this has increased the incidents of this happening (the lovely smells coming from the back of the vans that our furry friends can't resist exploring!).  The microchip is their 'life-saver' and we actively encourage all pet owners to microchip their pets.

Non-chipped cats are fitted with a paper collar with our contact details to see if they are simply new to the area, or out for a wander or on a food stealing mission, and are still going home.  The owner can call us to see where their cat has been reported as 'Found'.  In the eventuality that none of this works, and the cat is not leaving the area and now looking for food and shelter, the Branch Coordinator will be notified and it will go onto the waiting list to come into care.  In the meantime, Lost & Found will advertise the cat on all the available social media channels to see if the cat does have an owner.

If you are interested in volunteering please visit our branch Area List to see if you are available to cover any of our area.
Please contact us at volunteering@aberdeen.cats.org.uk