Daisy and Dandelion


Attached is a picture of Danny and Daisy, who my Mum (Margaret Wilson) got from Salisbury and District CP on a August Bank Holiday in 1994 - thought you might like to see he is still going strong.
A couple of months after my Mum lost the second of our original two cats to old age, Our next door neighbour Jenny suggested a Bank Holiday drive to Fordingbridge to see if she felt like getting another couple of cats.
(Mum liked to have more than one so they were company for each other).

 "I'm just going to look." said Mum, who was still missing Spike "Better take the cat basket just in case." said Jenny
Our previous cats were one long haired dilute ginger called Miski and Spike who was short haired and black. Mum had always said if she got another cat she'd like a tabby.

 On arrival at Cats Protection she was shown a group of four kittens, including a tabby and white female, Who Mum immediately took too and started to make friends with. The long haired black one in the group however, insisted on joining in - wouldn't leave her alone, followed the tabby everywhere.

"I couldn't split them up," said Mum "and anyway I don't think you should have a cat on its own." And so, he came home with Mum and the tabby who got called Daisy, and Danny was called Dandelion (but only by Mum, the rest of us always called him Danny). "Good job there weren't only three cats in that litter," said Jenny (Mum would never have left one on its own)
Mum got older and in 2007 moved to Exeter to live with my husband and me, and brought Danny and Daisy to join our three cats. She died in February 2008, her beloved cats with her until her last couple of weeks in hospital. Daisy was with us until last year (I've attached her picture too) when she developed a heart problem and finally pneumonia. Danny is still much loved by all the family and friends,he's always been a very affectionate cat and still follows everyone
around insistently - well it stood him in good stead at the start of his life. By the way, he's a true greybearded oldie, all those whiskers were black when he was young!
  Sarah Freeman, Exeter
  All the best with your work