The Secret to Happy Cats...

What is Feliway?

Is your cat happy?

Is your cat displaying any of the following behaviours; spraying, inappropriate soiling or urinating, aggression, vertical scratching, becoming withdrawn, refusing to eat, over-grooming?

If so,then it could be a sign that your cat is stressed, anxious or depressed. 

Cats can become upset following a change of circumstances, such as moving house or the arrival of a new baby. They can be unhappy about living in a multi-cat house, being left alone for long periods or even feeling anxious about another cat in the neighbourhood.

The solution could be Feliway!

Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline pheromone, used by cats to mark their  territory as safe and secure.

By mimicking the cat’s natural facial pheromone, Feliway creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat's local environment.

As a result, Feliway can be used to help comfort and reassure cats, while they cope with a challenging situation and/or help prevent or reduce the stress caused to a cat during a change in their environment.

More information and advice is available on the Feliway website.
Feliway Website