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Summer Fundraising Campaign

04 July 2021
Your summer gift could help save a life - however small the donation.                                                                   

The last year has been difficult for us all as the world starts to open up again.    Many routine veterinary treatments had to be put on hold during this period. This means we are about to become exceptionally busy as we continue deal with the impact of lockdown. 

Sadly many people are struggling for financial, physical or mental health reasons due to the pandemic. We see litters of tiny, kittens whose young parents haven't been neutered.  We of people who can no longer afford to care for their cats - whether through monetary of health issues.  As a result we will see many cats whose owners or family will come to us - because they can no longer care for their beloved cat. 

Cats Protection will always be here for the cats but we need your help. Since March 2020 we have had to cancel all of our planned fund-raising events - quizzes, fetes, market stalls etc.  This has obviously had an effect on our income.  Apart from support from head Office with neutering costs we are entirely a self- funding branch. 

Your summer gift could help save a life - however small the donation
Can you help the next cat or kitten who comes through the door by supporting our appeal?

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