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What to do if you find a lost cat?
We see lots of posts on Facebook about what to do when an unknown cat turns up, so here are some helpful hints for what to do in some different situations

A home for Hattie
In September Hattie was brought into a local vet by someone who had been feeding her in their garden for over two weeks. She was a lovely, friendly girl around a year old - but both unchipped and unneutered. However she had a secret. Click here to find out more

Could you be a fosterer?
We're looking for some very special people to join our fostering team.  It's a hugely rewarding role that requires lots of patience and a real love and understanding of cats.  To find out more click here

How old is your cat?
How old is your cat in ‘human years’? Eight, eighteen or eighty? You’d treat a person of each age differently and the same’s true for cats! Click here to find out more

Finding Malou
After 17 weeks we were able to reunite Malou with his owner.  Click here to read his story.

Cats and fireworks
The firework season is upon us, with fireworks on sale from mid-October, with peak activity in the last week of October (Halloween) and the first week of November (Bonfire Night).  Fireworks are fun for us, but not for most cats.  Like all wild animals, cats associate loud noises with danger, and will be stressed and fearful.  Click here to find out more

Meet the Mystery Cat
We were recently able to reunite a missing cat with his owner, a happy ending to a situation which could have ended very differently.  Click here to read the story.

Elderly found cat