Finding Malou



Malou’s story

Malou escaped from his new home very soon after moving after a visitor left a door open.  Unfortunately he was completely unfamiliar with the new area. 

His owner kept up a “high profile” campaign on social media and kept up to date with potential sightings – both in the area of the new house and his former home.  There were lots of reported sightings following these appeals - but since he was a black cat and there appeared to be a plethora of black cats around - there were also lots of disappointments.  Despite multiple sightings of similar cats - Malou who was friendly and approachable - appeared to have completely vanished.

Fortunately Malou was chipped so at least one “suspect” – later taken in as a confirmed stray by Cats Protection - was discounted.  Other people also checked potential “suspects” for microchips and these too were ruled out.

However, fortunately, his owner did not just rely on social media but also leafleted neighbours and put up posters in many streets close to her new home. 

Seventeen weeks later - when she had almost given up hope - she was contacted by someone who had been feeding a cat only a few roads away from his new house - for around 3 weeks. This person had never used the Internet in his life but saw one of Kate’s posters – laminated for longevity - and contacted her because the cat looked like Malou.
Fortunately when Kate’s husband arrived the cat was amenable to being picked up and so was rushed off for a chip check which confirmed his identity.

Despite being missing since late January, at his check up at the vets he was found to be in good condition and happy to be home.

If your cat goes missing you greatly increase your chances of getting him or her back if you use laminated posters as a means of alerting people in the neighbourhood. If your cat is microchipped they can then be identified easily.  Please do both.