We found a home for Hattie

In September Hattie was brought into a local vet by someone who had been feeding her in their garden for over two weeks. She was a lovely, friendly girl around a year old - but both unchipped and unneutered. The vets, after a once over, contacted our branch and she came into emergency foster care whilst her owners were sought. Despite our efforts in looking for her owner, nobody claimed her so Hattie became an official Cats Protection Cat.

Normally, friendly cats like Hattie would be neutered and in a new home very quickly. However at her pre-neutering check we found she was carrying a secret - 4 to be exact. Hattie proved to be an excellent mother and retained her loving nature throughout. After all the kittens had been weaned and rehomed, it was her turn at last to find her own forever home - and it didn't take long for her to find it.

Hattie, now known as Kitkat, is loving life in her new home. She insists on being involved with everything going on and like every most other cats, has become her new owner's 5am alarm clock.

Congratulations Kitkat on finding your purrfect furever home.